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Industrial sketching
Industrial Sketching Online course with Lena
What is perspective, how to transfer textures,
create our design. From simple to complex.
Who is it created for:
  • Beginner sketchers
    Who want to create incredible concepts and sketches by a hand
  • Good Support
    Interior design, design of clothing or web design (or design of interior, clothing or web design)
Course content
1 block
— Types of Perspective,
— Practice Perspective Drawing,
— Materials will be needed in the course,
— Warm up your hand
2 block
— Draw cubic shape,
— Shading and filling,
— Light and Shade analysis of a cubic structure
3 block
— Cylinders and Ellipses,
— Matte texture,
— Drawing a speaker design,
4 block
— Metal texture,
— Drawing a dumbbell,
— A dumbbell filling
5 block
— Glossy texture,
— Construction of a complex object
(a hairdryer),
— Filling in a glossy object,
6 block
— Glass texture,
— Wooden texture,
— Finding form, drawing from the imagination
23 lessons 10 hours
practice + theory
Lifetime access
Teacher of the course
  • My name is Lena.
    I have been teaching since 2016.
    I graduated from an Architectural university and have a diploma of an architect engineer.
    I have seven years of practical experience in the design of classical interiors.
    I am constantly improving my knowledge. I got my diploma as a monumental painter in 2021.
    It's easy and fun to learn with me. I can talk about complicated things simply.
Practical exercises